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Car:Park was Something & Son’s first project and the beginning of our thinking on the relationship between cities and nature. With car usage in London falling year on year and as such empty car park spaces theoretically becoming more frequent Car:Park was a simple idea to communicate this potential future senario. Positioned in two central London sites during the Festival of Architecture; firstly on Store Street outside The Building Centre and then transferred to a space by the British Museum.

The car was supplied by scrapyard dealers, gutted of its engine and the roof was cut off and raised in the air on a structure built upon the suspension. This transformed the car into a comfortable communal space. The upholstery was taken out of the car and reused to make planting containers, whilst the seating was turned around so that visitors could sit facing each other.

Basic permaculture principles were used with both ornamental and productive plants chosen. Ornamental to attract the wildlife and to distract any pests away from the productive plants. A pond was situated in the car boot where the spare wheel was previously stored. The public could use Car:Park to both play or relax and question what the future of our cities could be. After the Festival the car was sent back to scrapyard to be recycled and the plants reused.

Car:Park went on to win two awards during the Festival for Best Use of Materials and Most Innovative Design.