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Exhibition description:

COALSTORE is a new project by Something & Son producing ornate pieces of wearable art from the valuable material coal.

The pieces in the collection are produced by hand in the vaults of Somerset House by a new movement of jewelry makers and material alchemists working under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed artists as well as theologians and philosophers from Kings College.

Something & Son have initiated the project with the aim of changing peoples relationship with coal and explore a near future where coal is no longer burnt and is instead treasured as a material for it’s miraculous properties and history. Coal is a powerful rock that through it’s history has changed powered the industrial revolution and in the past been used as make up and worn as jewelry. Now it changes the climate.

Coal is globally responsible for 44 per cent of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions and unless we leave remaining global reserves in the ground, or don’t burn them, the climate will warm to ever more dangerous levels.

By turning Coal into art and fashion pieces that are never burn’t we are able in a small way to  reduce carbon emissions. With every new piece of work created and sold COALSTORE will lock more carbon in art. To increase the total amount of carbon the project saves, for every small piece of jewellery sold, we also store and bury a larger deposit of Coal.