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Gefail Yr Ynys

Commissioned by Gwynedd Council to design and build a temporary dialogue space we have reactivated the Island site in Caernarfon that was once full of hustle and bustle by reinstating the forges that currently lay dormant. From this we will create a new industry and use the site as a starting point for the continuing regeneration of Caernarfon through meaningful involvement, participation and dialogue.

The aim of the project is to enrich the regeneration projects that are pursued through inclusion of artistic content that has been elicited through discussion and which is deeply rooted in place recognition. Using slow architecture principles the project has been evolved tweaking the function of the space to the needs of the people.

Alongside the reinstating the forges the project has started rebuilding the lost roof scape of the Island site that has been lost overtime. Talking with the metal workers who used to worked in forge we have used their memory of the building to create lightweight structures within the remaining walls.