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Lo-fi Manufacture

As part of our experiments in 3D printing (www.3Dprintlab.org) we were asked to take part in HACKED an event for the Milan Design Week at the department store La Rinascente. We had started to investigate lo-fi manual techniques that mimicked the process used by 3D extrusion printers. Using glue guns, sand and frames we made a series of lamps completely out of hot glue.

The process involves making a ring of glue putting a frame around this ring and then filling the voids with a thin layer of play sand. The sand provides a new platform and allows for a new layer of glue to go in any direction. As the process is repeated you have to remember the previous layer underneath the one that visible so you naturally start to lose control of the shape of lamp allowing for quite an organic end result.

Once all the layers of glue have been put down the frames, which now make a box holding in the sand and glue, are ripped apart. The sand falls away to reveal the newly born lamp made completely of glue. The lamp uses LED bulbs which produce little heat so does not effect the glue with the extra bonus of using less energy and with a lifetime of 25 years.