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Makerversity is a pioneering community of emerging maker businesses cofounded by Something & Son and the designers Tom Tobia and Joseph Smith. At our Somerset House HQ in central London we started with the idea to support makers and kickstart the third industrial revolution. We provide access to a range of studio, event and fabrication spaces and prototyping tools for our diverse member businesses. Our members also constitute our faculty, each contributing time and skills to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds.

Through alternative thinking of what our cities can provide Makerversity looks to address and counter the ‘Disney effect’ of central London where it is increasingly geared towards accommodating tourists who are mostly interested in past culture rather than the future and the rich who drive the demand for inaccessible, highly priced and ‘useless’ shops and spaces that are out of reach for ordinary Londoners.

Similar to previous projects FARM:shop and Barking Bathhouse, Makerversity is building a community of makers within a Grade 1 listed building. Somerset House Trust has given us a 8 year agreement to create a long term project that brings a meaningful change to the heart of London through making.

The project provides space and facilities under a membership scheme to creative makers. Through a learning programme the project seeks to bridge the divide between young Londoners who live in a city full of opportunity but struggle to gain access. In partnership Princes Trust and Kids Company we provide workshop for youngsters and through this partner them up with our members giving them valuable experience.

Makerversity is a work space for start-up making and manufacturing businesses, and applied learning opportunities. We provide access to a range of fabrication and prototyping tools, spaces, event and learning facilities. We exist to support emerging practice, learning and employability opportunities for young people.

Makerversity members have options, from desks in a shared space to self contained rooms and units. We have clean space and messy space, noisy space and quiet space. Our only stipulation is that if you work here, you make things, be they digital, physical, or anything in between.