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People Wood

Manor House is going through massive change as the old blocks built from 1949 to 1970 are being replaced with new developments. On top of this, and like much of London, the community is in constant flux seeing people of different backgrounds and incomes moving in. The sculpture gives a snap shot of this community through a 3D printed sculpture.

3D Printing is revolutionising the way things are made and putting manufacturing in the hands of the people. People Wood is the worlds first crowd sourced data sculpture in the form of four hundred 3D printed trees. Using an online platform residents of Manor House were invited to answer a series of questions. Questions included: ‘Community starts with a conversation. How often do you talk to any of your neighbours in the area?’ or ‘Each tree starts as a seedling. Where were you born?’. The data obtained decides the form of each individual sculpture unique to the person. Each question is linked to different section of the tree sculpture for instance if you have lived in the area for a long time you get a taller tree.

Having taken the survey once the person presses submit a CAD visual of their tree is immediately revealed to them. It was important that the user could not return to the questionnaire and change the tree if they weren’t satisfied with how it looked as this would mean the data became irrelevant and the sculpture would not depict the true social landscape of Manor House.

The community centre can use the sculpture to see whether its reaching its target audience and individuals have enjoyed picking out there tree. The final sculpture clearly shows that most people who have a relationship with the centre tend to be people in the immediate vicinicity, helping to drive the centres engagement plan.

The project gave us the chance to explore 3D Printing and it’s varied uses. Visit www.3Dprintlab.org for our latest thinking on this new technology.

"From the start, this artwork has been a vehicle for innovation and is the first time that online data has been transformed into a 3D printed sculpture."

 Inition - 3D Technology Company and project partner