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Peckham Palms

Southwark Council have commissioned Something & Son to create a new shopping area in Bournemouth Close in order to relocate businesses during the temporary closure of shops for the Peckham Rye Station Square development.

In response Something & Son have devised, designed and developed The Palms covered market concept and ethos in collaboration with 40 health and beauty professionals currently working on Blenheim Grove.  Something & Son have been supported by Tree Shepherd and Llandolt Brown on the project.

The project will utilise the skills of the hairdressers to weave and plait materials into different designs. These will then be cast in jesmonite to create custom baroque facades to each of the shop fronts. Collaborating with textile designers F-W-S the facades will also have screen printed faux stone plywood to help create an inexpensive and unusual ornate row of shops grounded in the skills of local people.

more info soon