Tea Cosy

A group show called Inside Cities at Arup’s exhibition space alongside Thomas Heatherwick, dRMM et al.

First explored in our installation for the Tate Modern the work takes the 80’s phenomenon of pebble dashing exteriors of our homes as a precedent Tea Cosying asks whether through trends and fashion we can influence environmental change. Could we clad suburbia in baroque, raise the aesthetic, reduce heat loose without loosing interior space.

Tea Cosy explores our realisation that new technologies seem to be bringing about the end of modernism. With 3D printing/milling it takes as long to produce a plain cube as it does a highly ornate design. This, on top of new computer software, is encouraging artists and designers to produce ornate designs much like the Baroque period.

Currently many old buildings do not fall within EU standards for insulation by ‘tea cosy’ 60’s blocks and other buildings that currently provide inadequate living standards into Baroque style 3D milled insulation can we combat the current trend of knocking this period of buildings down whilst also improving its U-value. A previous iinstallation for the Tate Modern was the start of us looking into this idea and the exhibition piece continues our investigation on the idea.